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About the Photographs:
I shoot what appeals to me unrestricted by expectations. The result, I suppose, can be referred to as "Fine Art" in the sense that my photographs are meant to be interpreted and enjoyed for their own sake. My eye is drawn to many different subjects but in general I tend to concentrate on two main themes: landscapes and chairs. For landscapes, I tend to follow classic rules of composition, looking for drama, order, balance and serenity, the same qualities that I look for in life. Chairs, to me, symbolize many things: comfort, belonging and history. They appeal to my interest in the past and the possibility of what is to come. Once in awhile, there will be a bit of whimsy just for fun.

About Me:
A painfully shy kid with a camera, photography gave me a way to express myself. I grew up reading National Geographic and I have carried those images in my mind ever since. I blame my compulsion to travel on those magazines. I love the adventure and the discovery. Somewhere along the way, I put my camera aside and pursued a career in information management. Several years ago, my photography muse called again, just in time for the digital revolution. A fan of Nikon products, my work has been exhibited in juried and/or judged shows in North and South America and has won a number of awards. What I love most about photography is that there is always something new to learn. Photography takes me on a journey of its own making. I never quite know what will come of it.