John De La Cruz(non-registered)
Beauty you capture, sounds you silently project, move my soul.thank you for sharing, life.
Linda Young(non-registered)
The photo of "Elvis Lives" looks like it was one of those interactive screens; he looks like he is looking right at you and the camera. Cool pics of Memphis!
Great to connect again! I love your work!
Robert Byrne(non-registered)
It has been a while since I visited your site. The slide show on the home page is absolutely wonderful. It shows the diversity of your photographic eye. I loved it!
Fran Kogler(non-registered)
It is amazing what beauty can be found in the simplest things. A group of beautiful and interresting pictures. Way to go, cousin!
Nancy Wolejsza(non-registered)
Stunning photography with very dramatic points of view.
Vicki Andreae(non-registered)
Great photos! I recognized the Yellowstone photos and some of the other western photos.
Tom Mulder(non-registered)
I really liked the abstract and the chair images, I have yet to put my abstract on my website. I liked the chair gallery because it is something I normally don't see when I look at other photographers sites. I am a new member and look forward meeting you day.
mike wendel(non-registered)
finally got around to checking out your site. very nice. i especially like your abstract work. like you said, we do share a similar photographic muse. hope it's working out for you...
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